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A deep respect for the symbiotic relationship between natural beings led us to use the descriptive name - Dr. ELF. Our family based practice has provided alternative and natural medicine since 2009. Indeed, Dr. ELF is a registered trademark and all of our products are certified based on our own original recipes.

We grow a portion of the herbs used in our products on our own farm, and harvest the rest, by hand, in protected areas in the heart of Europe, Slovakia. To ensure the purity of our herbs, they are protected during cultivation from negative external forces. The harvest is conducted according to the best practice of our forefathers, and ensures that each herb is picked at the best possible time – to guarantee their potency and to prevent degradation of their active ingredients – this ensures the purity and potency of these all-natural products.

Our flagship products are ANTI PARAZIT and IMUNIX.


Dr. ELF - Original recipe

Our unique recipe combines a precise quantity of herbs, blended to ensure the desired proportion of active ingredients with the greatest possible effect.

Dr. ELF - We leave nothing to chance
We leave nothing to chance

Our products are crafted by leading experts in the field of naturopathic medicine and nutrition.

Dr. ELF - Slovak herbs

An individual born in a particular region will thrive on locally sourced foods, imbued with that regions energy.

Dr. ELF - Locally sourced ingredients
Locally sourced ingredients

We strive to source all raw ingredients exclusively from Slovakia.

Best-selling products

Dr. ELF - Anti Parazit



An original product that cleanses the body of pathogenic parasites. It contains extracts of herbs grown in Slovakia.


Dr. ELF - Imunix


A unique combination of herbs to actively support your immune system. The blend is based on an original recipe.