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Dr. ELF - non profit 

Welcome to our non-profit initiative


Although, officially set up our NGO under Dr. ELF in 2020, we as individuals have long history of volunteer work in various projects.

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Our aspiration

We are passionate individuals in health and environment related issues and want to promote necessary changes mainly on regional level.


We live in a district which is classified as least developed in Slovakia and we are facing challenges and issues which are not known by people in other more developed regions.


We are group of enthusiasts and have ideas which we want to bring about.

In the memorandum of our NGO we set following goals:

-  promote and protect Slovak nature
-  increase awareness in the area of healthy lifestyle in Slovakia
-  support and promote protection of national cultural heritage

Join us

In case you would like to join us or support our activities please contact us on

Miroslav Kolcun, President of NGO

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