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Original recipe

Our products are crafted in collaboration with experts in the field of naturopathic medicine and nutrition. The unique, and precise, combination of herbs in our products are dosed in such a proportion so as to have the strongest possible effect, either when cleansing the body of parasites, or when activating the immune system or supporting and improving liver function.


No other products on the market contain the unique formula as our products ANTI-PARAZIT and IMUNIX.


Why do we choose to use Slovak herbs?

It is simple; an individual born in a particular region will thrive on locally sourced foods, imbued with the energy of the region they were born in. This is why people living abroad must come home from time to time to recharge their energy. Herbs grown under the climatic conditions in which a person was born are more effective for that person than any other.

Locally sourced – We support local communities!

We ensure that all raw ingredients are sourced exclusively from our surroundings, in Slovakia.

When can ANTI-PARAZIT help


Symptoms that indicate the presence of parasites in the body.

It is quite common for the human body to be attacked by
a variety of parasites that disturb the inner balance of the body.



Common signs and symptoms that you have parasites include:

- Constipation or diarrhoea
- Gas and abdominal cramping
- Joint or muscle pain
- Anaemia
- Allergies
- Skin conditions
- Chronic hair loss
- Nervousness
- Insomnia
- Grinding of teeth at night(bruxism)
- Chronic fatigue
- Immune system disorders
- Nervousness during the night
- Abdominal pain
- Depression
- Arrhythmia
- Rash
- Frequent infections of the respiratory tract, which can be caused by the presence of larvae and adult parasites in the paranasal sinuses, frontal sinuses, or in the bronchia and lungs

Learn more about the unique formula of Anti-Parazit and the beneficial effects of the various herbs used in the Gallery that follows. The herbal ingredients indicated are dosed in a precise proportion which magnifies their effect in cleansing the organism of harmful parasites.


The unique composition of ANTI-PARAZIT

When can IMUNIX help


The greatest cure for any diseases is your own immune system!

Nothing can protect the body better than a healthy immune system.


Our therapy takes a multi-pronged approach, the body is cleansed of
parasites and then IMUNIX works to activate the immune system.

The liver itself is a miraculous organ, performing an extraordinary variety
of functions. Besides functioning as a filter for poisonous substances,
it also actively controls the flow and concentration of substances in the body.


Any hint of liver disease will have a sever, and negative, affect on the entire body.
On the other hand, the liver is capable of regeneration when damaged.
As long as it functions normally, everything is carefully transformed, filtered or removed.
Toxic substances are destroyed and eliminated from the body.

In order to perform these varied tasks the liver needs to have sustained blood flow.


A healthy liver purifies the blood, however, if it is damaged in any way, it is unable to adequately neutralize the various poisons that enter the bloodstream. This may trigger chronic conditions due to the irritation of cellular tissue, or even lay a foundation that ultimately leads to cancer.

In the gallery that follows you can learn more about the unique formula of IMUNIX and the beneficial effects of the various herbs included in our unique recipe. Thanks to the original formula and a unique and well-defined combination of herbal ingredients, IMUNIX aids in the proper functioning of the immune system.


The unique composition of IMUNIX

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